Listening Parties are Back: Make Releasing Music Special Again

Dropping music should be a moment, so we’re bringing back listening parties.

If you’ve been with us since the early days of Sound, you’ll remember our listening parties. Every song got its moment. The whole community came together to wait for the countdown, listen to the song, and collect.

These listening parties were a core part of the Sound culture, but as we grew we changed the way releases worked and made songs listenable as soon as they were uploaded.

Since then, lots of you have asked us to bring back listening parties so that artists and fans can celebrate every song release. We don’t always get things right the first time around, so we listened to the community and they’re back! After all, we are building Sound for you — the artists and fans who want a better model and new experiences in music.

Releasing music should be a MOMENT

The music industry no longer gives each song its chance to shine. Artists are incentivized to upload endless streams of music to feed the streaming platforms, which only survive on volume. The result is tens of thousands of songs uploaded every day with little more than a ‘presave’ campaign to celebrate.

We believe Web3 gives us the opportunity to change the way we release music. We want to bring back that moment of excitement and anticipation when your favorite artist drops a new song.

Fans and communities should come together, wait for the track to drop and hear it for the first time… together.

Celebrate with a listening party

From today, songs uploaded to Sound will not be playable until the public sale starts. Only collectors who have presale access can hear the song — making it exclusive for your closest fans.

We encourage all artists to make an event of their drop! Host a livestream, TikTok live event or X Spaces with your fans when it drops. Get together in a Telegram or Discord chat and celebrate the new release.

This is our chance to create new experiences in music. Let's make releasing music an event again.

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