Introducing Protocol Rewards

Today we are launching Protocol Rewards to ensure that artists, curators and our community share in the growth of Sound.

This is our chance to build a new model that rewards artists and creatives directly. Going forward, artists and curators will earn onchain rewards on Sound.

Protocol Rewards for artists

Starting today, artists will earn rewards on every single mint, whether it’s free or paid. Here’s how it will work:

Free Mints (Forever Editions & Free Limited Editions)

  • Artist: 0.000555 ETH

  • Platform: 0.000222 ETH

Paid Mints (Paid Limited Editions)

  • Artist: 0.000222 ETH + 100% of sales proceeds

  • Platform: 0.000555 ETH

Artists still keep 100% of sales on paid limited editions.

Protocol Rewards for curators

Curators have always been at the heart of music whether it's blogs, playlist makers or content creators. Even sharing music with friends. Everyone is a music curator.

What if you could earn $1+ for every song you refer?

We're changing curator rewards from a % share to a flat cut at the protocol level. If someone buys a song through your referral link, we reduce Sound’s platform fee to give to the curator. The result is almost a 10x increase in rewards for sharing music on most mints. Here’s the breakdown:

Free Mints (Forever Editions & Free Limited Editions)

  • Curator fee: 0.000222 ETH

Paid Mints (Paid Limited Editions)

  • Curator fee: 0.000555 ETH

It’s important to note that all curator fees are taken out of Sound’s platform fee. Artists are not losing anything when a curator shares their music.

What’s next?

We have a chance to change the way that music platforms operate.

Although we are always experimenting and this format could change, we're committed to bringing our most loyal creators, curators and community members with us.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Join the discussion on Twitter.

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