Listen to Songs Before Anyone Else With New Spotify Pre-Save Integration

From today you can Pre-save a song through Sound to unlock exclusive access to hear it before anyone else. You’ll also get a free collectible to prove you were there early.

Artists boost their streams and unlock their fan data, while fans get to hear the song first. It’s the definition of a win-win!

For artists

This tool helps you build a complete rollout strategy for your music across Web3 and traditional platforms. Mint on Sound first for your closest fans and collectors. Then release on DSPs for max reach.

This strategy allows you to build hype for your next release and reward your closest fans by granting them early access to your music. You’ll get full access to your audience data through email addresses when people collect, and the more Pre-saves you get, the bigger the streaming boost when your song drops on DSPs.

For fans

You get exclusive access to hear unreleased music from your favorite artists before anyone else in the world. The free collectible — dropped to you for free when the song is later released — proves that you’re an early supporter.

A seamless experience

We made this a completely frictionless experience with no gas fees and no mint fees. Sound covers all gas costs to ensure it’s smooth for listeners and collectors.

As always, artists have complete control over their drop. This tool is completely optional and the digital collectible is a simple cover art (no audio included). Artists remain in control of the price and supply of their Limited Edition.After the song is released on Spotify, the Pre-Save tool turns into a normal Free Edition where artists earn fees on every mint through Protocol Rewards.

Try it out

We’re launching this feature with an incredible selection of music on Sound:

Want to try it out? Head to the upload page and toggle on “Spotify Pre-Save” during the Drop Configuration part of the upload flow.

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