The New Sound Mobile App Is Here

Discover new music, post about your favorite songs, and earn rewards … now on mobile.

We believe the future of music discovery is social — a hive of music lovers sharing songs they love, shaping the charts and getting rewards for their music taste. Music discovery should be in the hands of users and creators, not editorial playlists.

This future can only exist by meeting music fans where they are - on mobile. From today, the brand new Sound mobile app is available on iOS. Download here and don’t forget to leave a review. Let’s explore what’s new…

The home of music discovery

The new Sound mobile app is built around music discovery. The difference is ... it's powered by you, not us. Straight away you’ll see what songs everyone is talking about on the social feed.

Follow artists and curators, leave comments and upvote the best new discoveries. Share your own favorite songs, join the conversation and start building your reputation as a taste-maker.

You influence the viral chart

Every post helps boost a song in the viral chart, alongside collecting activity, likes, playlists and streaming. The chart is designed to capture the most popular new music as it starts to break, and you can help shape it.

Get push notifications

Push notifications mean you’ll get notified every time someone likes your post or follows you on Sound. If you connect your wallet in the app, you’ll earn curator rewards and get a notification when someone collects from your post.

Lastly, you can build playlists, create your own personal library and stream new music.

Where to start

Head to the iOS app store to download the app now and sign in with your email or mobile wallet.

When we get more clarity from app stores, we’ll introduce collecting directly through the app. Until then, you can tap “View song on Sound” to open your mobile browser to collect.

Lastly, don’t forget to leave a review in the app store. It really helps boost Sound up the rankings and bring music collecting

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