Explore Page on Sound.xyz

Since opening to all artists, we’ve seen nearly 1,000 new artists join and have hosted over 800 new drops.

Music discovery is one of the areas we are always looking to improve on, so we shipped the Explore page to make it easier to find the music you love.

On the Explore page, click on popular genres to quickly browse through songs on Sound.

You can also explore all Sounds, Playlists, Artists, and Collectors and freely apply your own filters like genre, availability, location, and more. You can access it on the left navigation bar wherever you are on Sound.

We also enhanced search so that your results are displayed on a full page, where you can further refine your search by filtering for artists, drops, playlists, or collectors.

Pro tip: add your location to be included in the new location-based filtered search.

Coming up next, we’re adding more sorting and filtering options across the site to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We’ll also be putting an emphasis on personalization, taking into account search history, who you’re following, and who you’ve collected from to create an even better search experience.

Stay tuned for more updates to the Explore page and search features on Sound.

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