Magic Uploads on Sound: No Gas Fees & No Wallet Needed

Uploading music to Sound is now as simple as Soundcloud or Bandcamp. And completely free.

Today we’re proud to launch Magic Uploads, allowing you to upload music to Sound with zero gas fees and no ETH required. All you need is an email address, putting Sound on par with any other traditional music service.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account with your email (you’ll get a wallet provisioned to you by Magic).

  2. Upload your music.

  3. Deploy for free with no gas fees.

Get started: upload a song for free now.* *

Making Sound … as easy as Soundcloud

We built Sound to create a better model for musicians — giving them control and ownership of their art, the ability to monetize it in new ways, connect with their audience and get paid directly without middlemen.

Web3 makes this possible, but we need to meet artists where they are in their journey and make it as easy as uploading to traditional music platforms.

Since we started Sound, we’ve helped more than 1,000 artists bring their music onchain, most of them through one-to-one calls, and we’ve learnt the biggest friction points in the upload process.

Funding wallets, bridging to new networks, and paying gas fees are all steep learning curves for artists. So today we’re eliminating them.

Magic Uploads

Magic uploads strip out all the complicated crypto interactions for artists during the upload process.

  • Upload with just an email.

  • No need to create a wallet or buy crypto.

  • Deploying a song is completely free from start to finish.

Bonus: deploying a splits contract is also free, so you can share revenue directly with your collaborators without any additional cost. Sound is the only platform that currently enables this.

You focus on the music, we’ll build the tech

We want artists to focus on making and promoting their music, not figuring out complex crypto transactions and smart contracts.

Magic uploads takes away all the complexity and makes Sound the easiest place to get your music onchain.

Uploading is only one step in the artist's journey on sound. The other two pieces of editing your release and withdrawing your earnings will still require the user to pay gas for now, but we’re working towards a completely gasless end-to-end artist experience and will be shipping gasless editing + withdrawing next.

We see a future where every artist can enjoy the benefits of going direct-to-fan on Sound, and this feature is a big step towards that future.

Try it out! Magic uploads are available on all Optimism releases starting today.

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