Introducing the Activity Feed
November 22nd, 2022

We’re excited to ship the new Activity Feed!

Now you can easily view real-time activity, starting with songs that other users are collecting & adding to playlists alongside upcoming drops.

You can either see global activity across all Sound users, or you can curate your own personalized feed based on the collectors and artists you follow. 

Check out the feed here:

Content discovery on Sound

As we forge ahead towards enabling any artist to upload and release their music, we wanted to introduce a better way for listeners to discover – and collect – songs. 

Music discovery and consumption is an inherently social experience (like your friend recommending their new favorite artist or your favorite artist debuting their new song at a concert). Yet content discovery on the vast majority of platforms today is opaque and largely isolated, often hidden behind a black box recommendation algorithm.

At Sound, we wanted to create a deeply social experience for discovering artists and songs. One where you can create a personalized feed by following specific collectors, curators, and artists and easily see what they’re collecting, curating, and releasing.

Meet the new Activity Feed

Introducing the Activity Feed
Introducing the Activity Feed

Navigate to the Activity Feed to see a real-time feed of actions from other users on Sound.

The feed is launching with three activity types:

  1. Users collecting a song in the primary sale or from the secondary market

  2. Users creating a new playlist or adding songs to their existing playlists

  3. Artists releasing a new song

These are higher-signal actions that demonstrate support for a given song through the act of curating or collecting. We’ll continue to experiment and evolve the feed by adding other actions that combine the adventure of discovering music with a fun and social experience.

Curating your feed

The default view is a global feed, meaning that you’ll see actions from every user on Sound.

Once you connect your wallet, you can view your curated feed by toggling on “Following” to only see actions from other collectors and artists that you follow.

Similar actions are grouped to avoid spamming your feed. Multiple collectors minting a song or one collector minting multiple songs will show up as one action.

What’s next

Investing in content discovery at Sound is a top priority, especially as we continue to onboard more artists. 

We’re releasing the Activity Feed as an early beta to gather as much feedback as possible, and we look forward to sharing further improvements in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback. Join our Discord to join the discussion and share your thoughts.

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