Introducing Playlists
November 14th, 2022

We’re excited to introduce Playlists. You can add any Sound release to your playlist – including ones that you haven’t collected. Songs that you’ve collected will have a badge to showcase your ownership.

In August, we announced Shelves: a way for collectors to organize and personalize their collections. Only Sounds in your collection could be added to a shelf, making the feature more about showcasing your collection and less about your music taste. 

Playlists is an evolution from Shelves so that anyone can freely curate and share their favorite songs. Everyone in the ecosystem benefits from more organic sharing of music. Anyone can listen and curate but collecting remains scarce.

Meet the new Playlist page

Create one (or many) playlists to showcase your music taste!

Songs from your collection will have a badge to showcase how early you were to discover and collect that song.

Introducing playlists to Sound
Introducing playlists to Sound

Add Any Sound Release

Add any song on Sound to your playlist, including songs that you haven’t collected (yet). Anyone can be a curator on Sound.

Add any release to your playlist
Add any release to your playlist

Coming Up

We’re excited to continue investing in community-driven curation as a driving mechanism for how users on Sound discover new artists and songs.

Social sharing of music will attract more ears for the growing content on Sound, which in turn will drive demand for collecting Music NFTs. Imagine being the first to collect a song that has been added to thousands of playlists.

We’ll have more to share in the coming months on additional features focused on discovering, listening, and collecting music. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing your playlists!

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