Introducing Range Editions

We’re excited to announce a new drop format: Range Editions.

Over the course of 156 drops, artists felt pressure to pick the perfect number of editions for their drops. Selecting too low of a quantity meant that some collectors wouldn’t be able to support, therefore leaving demand on the table. Selecting too high of a quantity meant the drop wouldn’t sell out right away, leading to undue disappointment.

Range Editions reduce the pressure on the artist to predict the perfect quantity by allowing more collectors to support their favorite artists while maintaining scarcity.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Range Editions works

Returning artists will have a range of 25-50 editions available for purchase

After the listening party, there is a 1-hour mint period during which a maximum of 50 editions can be collected.

If between 25 and 50 editions are sold during that hour, minting ends. If 36 editions are sold within the 1-hour mint period, the quantity is locked at 36.

If fewer than 25 editions are sold, minting will remain open until 25 editions are purchased.

Preview of range editions
Preview of range editions

Why we’re excited about it

We worked closely with artists and collectors in the Sound community to build Range Editions, which accomplishes three objectives:

  1. Increases the number of collectors that can participate in drops while maintaining scarcity
  2. Less pressure on the artist to pick the perfect quantity for their drops
  3. Artists have greater control over the success of their drop and can find creative ways to promote their drop to capture more upside

We’ll be launching Range Editions with returning artists, starting with MoRuf’s drop on May 9, 2022

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our listening parties, and we’ll continue to work with our artists and collectors to evolve our product

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Range Editions. 

Join our Discord to join the discussion and share your thoughts in our biweekly Collector Town Halls.

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