Collect From Secondary on Sound

Collecting from the secondary market just got easier.

Starting today, you can collect a sold out song directly from the secondary market. Join the audience of any song, whether you discovered it when it first dropped or a year after it was released.

Previously, once a drop was sold out, you had to go to Sound Market, connect your wallet, purchase an edition, and then come back to Sound to leave a comment.

Now that entire experience lives natively on Sound through an integration with our friends at Reservoir. Of course, we always honor the 10% artist royalty on all secondary purchases.

To get started, click “Collect Now” on any sold out drop to collect the song at the lowest available price.

If a song is sold out and has editions listed on the secondary market, you can collect directly on the song page on Sound.

If the song has no editions listed, you can still go to Sound Market to place an offer on any edition. You can also purchase the Golden Egg if you’re looking for something more rare.

For now, this feature is only enabled on song edition contracts (uploaded after September 21, 2022). We’re working on further improvements and support for all other songs (until then, you can still use Sound Market to offer and collect).

Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Discord.

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