Introducing New Profiles

Today, we’re launching new Collector and Artist Profiles on Sound!

Since December, Sound has held a total of 238 listening parties and sold over 11,500 NFTs. We’ve onboarded 153 artists and grown to over 3,700 collectors, but profiles have remained largely unchanged.

Profiles on Sound have remained largely unchanged, but we often receive feedback from collectors looking to customize their collection and from artists wanting to highlight their collectors.

Collector Profiles

Our goal for Collector Profiles was to create an experience where collectors can personalize their profile to highlight their music taste and collection.

Choose any Sound from your collection to feature at the top of your profile. Set it & forget it or change it as often as you’d like (for those of you who have a new favorite song every week!)

Feature your favorite Sound in your profile
Feature your favorite Sound in your profile


Create “Shelves” — our spin on playlists — to personalize and organize your collection.

For example, your “Golden Eggs” shelf could showcase your golden egg collection and your “Hip-hop” shelf could include all the hip-hop Sounds you’ve collected.

Any Sound in your collection can be added to as many shelves as you’d like (you can have the same Sound in both the “Golden Eggs” and “Hip-hop” collection).

For now, only Sounds you own can be added to your shelves. Soon after, we envision shelves evolving to more closely resemble playlists so that you can also include Sounds you don’t own (more to come…) Everyone in the ecosystem benefits from more organic sharing of music — including artists, collectors, and listeners.

Create shelves to personalize your collection
Create shelves to personalize your collection

Artist Profiles

For Artist Profiles, our goal was to both showcase an artist’s releases on Sound and spotlight their collectors.

Top & earliest collectors

Each artist’s profile highlights their top-10 collectors (by number of Sounds collected) to celebrate their biggest supporters.

It’s not always about how much you spend, so we’re also highlighting the earliest 10 collectors (by date of first Sound collected) to recognize day-one supporters. Many of our users enjoy and take pride in discovering new music, and we wanted to introduce loops that reinforce that behavior.

Top and earliest collectors are highlighted on the artist profiles
Top and earliest collectors are highlighted on the artist profiles

Browse through all releases

Discover and listen to an artist’s entire catalog on Sound, including any splits they were included in. Get a preview of which collectors left a comment on the waveform or navigate to the song page to view more details.

Browse and listen to all releases from your favorite artists
Browse and listen to all releases from your favorite artists

Follow your favorite artists and collectors

Discovering and listening to music is an inherently social activity (think about telling your friends about an incredible new artist you found or enjoying a live concert), and yet the majority of existing music platforms struggle to weave social experiences into their product.

We have some exciting features that will make discovering, listening, and collecting music feel social and fun — but to start, you can follow your favorite artists and collectors. We promise that it’ll be worth it.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new profile pages.

Join our Discord to join the discussion and share your thoughts.

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