Introducing Channels

The easiest way to discover new music on Sound. Browse our new genre channels to see what music our community is talking about … or write your own posts to earn curator rewards!

Today we’re launching channels — dedicated spaces on Sound to discover and discuss different genres of music. We’re starting with Hip Hop & Rap, EDM, Pop and Latin so you can quickly see what music our community is sharing and join the conversation.

Inspired by the success of Channels on Farcaster, which allowed for deep conversations within a particular topic, we created a place where you can come and discuss your favourite new music with others in the community.

If you love hip hop, scroll through the Hip Hop & Rap channel for the best new posts about this genre on Sound. Collect songs directly from the feed, leave comments, and connect with others in the community who share your music taste.

Anyone can contribute by sharing a song or playlist alongside a short post about the music.

Earn curator rewards for sharing new music

Curator rewards are built into all channels, so if you share a song and someone collects based on your recommendations, you’ll get curator rewards. Read this post for more details on how curator rewards work.

Music discovery should be powered by you … not us

We believe that human curation and social sharing is the best way to surface new music. Inspired by the blog era where a decentralized web of music lovers could break new artists, we’ve created a home for people to share new songs and write about why they love them.

There aren’t many places left where music lovers can come together and discuss rising new artists. Music is dominated by short-form video, algorithms and background playlists but we think there’s magic in bringing people together to share music with each other, especially if music fans can earn rewards for sharing.

Starting with four channels…

We know that music is more than four genres but we’re starting here so we can learn and focus on quality content before expanding. We’ll eventually open up more channels and let you create your own.

Get started by visiting the channels and write your own post:

We’re experimenting with Channels on Sound first and exploring building on top of Farcaster in the future.

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