Artist Community Page

We just shipped a Community page for artists on Sound.

We’ve always been inspired by Nipsey Hussle and his mantra to be your own boss. Artists should own the relationship with their audience, without the threat of middlemen limiting or concealing information from the creator.

With the new Community page, artists can easily view all their collectors on Sound – including how many editions they collected and when they first collected. They’ll also be able to find their social handles and access their emails (only for collectors who have subscribed). Artists who want to download that information can export all of this information.

To view the page, navigate to your Artist Dashboard and click on “My Community”

By making it easier to identify and engage with collectors, we’re excited to unlock the opportunity for deeper relationships between artists and their communities.

We’ll continue to ship improvements to this page to give artists the necessary context to build and engage with their community.

Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Discord.

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