Sound Season Three: Advancing Creative Freedom

We’re excited to announce that all Sound artists can now freely self-upload and schedule listening parties.

This is the first step on the road to opening up Sound to all artists, but it only felt right to start with the incredible artists that have shaped the community to be what it is today.

We’ve completely redesigned our landing page to improve discovery as we continue to expand our catalog of music.

Our vision remains unchanged: we’re committed to building an ecosystem that unlocks creative freedom for the millions of diverse artists around the world, and we look forward to sharing more about our plan to move towards that over the coming months.

Sound artists can self-release new music

Over the six months since Sound’s launch, we’ve taken a cautious approach to scaling by carefully curating and coordinating our release calendar.

We're well aware of the growing ecosystem of talented artists in web3. It's important that we ensure that all artists on Sound are given a personal touch, especially this early in the platform's journey.

We're eager and excited to welcome more artists (and more songs) on the platform, and believe Season 3 is the best way of doing so by starting with existing artists.

Starting today, all Sound artists can upload and drop new releases whenever they want.

They will have the option to choose between two drop formats: Range Editions and Fixed Editions.

Artists can choose between a range editions or fixed editions drop
Artists can choose between a range editions or fixed editions drop

Range Editions are ideal for artists who want to reach as many collectors as possible without worrying about picking the perfect quantity, thus increasing the odds that the golden egg is revealed. The lower bound is set at 10 editions, and the upper bound is between 15-100 (in increments of 1). The minting period for Range Editions is set at 24 hours.

Fixed Editions are ideal for artists who want a longer minting period and are comfortable (or even prefer) having editions available for purchase for new collectors. Artists can choose any quantity of Fixed Editions between 10-50.

For both Range and Fixed Editions, artists can choose a price between 0 ETH (a free mint) and 0.1 ETH.

Meet the new landing page

As we incrementally transition to an open ecosystem for all artists, we’re particularly focused on improving discovery.

We’re debuting a new landing page with the following features:

  1. Drop reminders: sign-up for drop reminders via email or SMS thanks to Laylo.
  2. Selling now: see a real-time activity feed of what people are collecting.
  3. Discover on Sound: enjoy an easier interface to browse, filter, and listen to the entire Sound catalog.
  4. Improved streaming: add songs to queue and shuffle/repeat - the first building block towards other discovery features!
Tour our new landing page
Tour our new landing page

Closing thoughts

We can’t wait for more listening parties from the 135 incredible artists on Sound.

We will continue to onboard new artists as we forge ahead towards a world where any artist can release music on Sound.

Lots more in store over the coming months at Sound – connect with us on Twitter and Discord to stay updated on what we’re building.

p.s. If you’re interested in joining the Sound team, we’re hiring!

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